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Their "Food Fight" event held after the election last fall invited people involved in the food and social justice space to speak about their work and concerns. "Some people definitely voiced political opinions, but it was more aimed at spotlighting the intersection of food and social justice, which I think is going be a big thing this year." RELATED: An Afternoon with the Badass Women Behind the Women's March The T-shirt, in Diamond's opinion, is less a leap into politics and more a continuation of what her team has already done. And they've gained a considerable amount of support seen on an Instagram post featuring Diamond with her rescue cat ("and reluctant model") Dusty. Stars like Padma Lakshmi , who commented saying she would buy "dozens," have bought shirts and thousands of other women have liked the post (2,600+ at last count). "It's all stuff that we believe in: Women. Cats. The White House garden." View photos Credit: kerrybombe/Instagram Diamond said it makes sense for a magazine, nestled at the intersection of food and women's fashion, to support women's rights by attending the Women's March in D.C. wearing these tees. "Women's rights, first and foremost, and food are two things we really, really care about at Cherry Bombe.

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I actually modeled the way I start my interviews in Mythos from her podcast. I wanted to create conversations like thatthat were personal and long and meaningful. Also, Im really into way-back issues of fashion magazines. I have a love-hate relationship with fashion magazines, but old issues of Vogue, for instance, would publish a short story that Virginia Woolf wrote for themit was like magazines were better back then. It was something I wanted to recapture through Mythos. Mythos aesthetic has a lot to do with its photography. You focus on the photographers and how they lend their own artistic qualities to the interview, making it a lot more intimate. I think the underlying theme of the whole magazine is how to deal with women things without talking about products. My own experience with being ขาย ชุดเด็ก ราคาถูก happy with myself had to do with removing a lot of toxic images in my life, which made a huge difference for me. I wanted to incorporate the dignity that I think conventional magazines provide to their cover girls, only you dont have to be a cover girl in order to attain that.

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